Your Search Queries Answered – ‘How Did Jhasmani Campos Get Hurt’

I still have feeling!

Through the powers of the internet I am able to see which search terms people use in order to get directed to this site.

Most of the time they are fairly logical, for instance a search for ‘Colombia – Mexico U-20 Preview’ directs the searcher to my preview of said game, but sometimes search strings pop up that have enough key words to lead to this site without the articles contained therein really providing an answer to the query posed.

So from today onwards I will attempt to answer these burning questions that people are obviously so keen to get answers to, starting with: ‘How Did Jhasmani Campos Get Hurt’.

For those uninitiated, Jhasmani Campos is a small, left-footed attacking midfielder who played a part in all three of Bolivia’s matches at this year’s Copa America. Shortly after Bolivia’s involvement in the tournament ended, the 23-year old’s economic rights were purchased from his club Oriente Petrolero by a Uruguayan business group, who paid $500,000 for the privilege.

Clubs in China and the Ukraine were said to be interested, but no agreement could be reached, and thus Campos remained in Bolivia, but moved to reigning champions Bolivar.

Only days after Campos’ move to Bolivar was announced came the incident that resulted in the injury our searcher is so keen to get to the bottom of. During a gym training session, a weight of 20 kilos fell onto Campos’ little finger on his left hand, almost completely destroying it. There were concerns that it would have to be amputated, but timely reconstruction surgery was able to save the limb.

Campos returned to Bolivia from Chile, where a second operation to consolidate the reconstruction had taken place, in early August, and this week began training with his new team-mates ahead of a possible return to action in mid-September.

“I’m happy to return to training,” he told reporters. “I have to remain calm and hope that everything goes smoothly. The pain has gone and my wish is to join the group as soon as possible. For now I work separately to aid my physical recovery, but we’ll see if I can return for the 3rd or 4th match of the season.”


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