And You Thought Hartson Was Brutal… Things Kick Off At Itagui Training

Edwards Jimenez y Efrain Viafara

In a scene that brought back memories of John Hartson kicking Eyal Berkovic in the head during West Ham training back in 1998, a fight between two players of Colombian side Itagui on Friday left striker Edwards Jimenez in hospital with three facial fractures.

The incident took place following an argument between Jimenez and fellow striker Efrain Viafara during a game of football tennis. Other players initially got between them to diffuse the situation, but Viafara broke free and aimed a brutal kick to Jimenez’s head as the pair ran to square up.

Jimenez was taken to hospital, where it later emerged he had suffered a fractured jaw, a fracture of the right eye socket and an ethmodial fracture.

Fellow players rallied against Viafara following the incident and Itagui’s coach Alvaro de Jesus Gomez suggested he will be disciplined for his actions in due course. “Efrain Viafara will not be considered for the match against Cartagena at the request of his team-mates who are very unhappy with him for what happened,” he told reporters. “He lost his head. The directors will meet soon to discuss disciplinary action.”

Which was worse?

Viafara vs Jimenez

Hartson vs Berkovic


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