Peruvians Optimistic of World Cup Qualification – Rock Group Dedicate Song To National Team

Sergio Markarian and Enthusiastic Kids

Courtesy of El Comercio, Peru

At the end of the qualification process for the 2010 World Cup there would have been few Peruvians confident that they had any chance of qualifying for the next tournament in 2014. Peru had just finished bottom of the ten team group and had lost every single one of their away matches along the way.

However, the extraordinary turnaround in fortunes since the appointment of Uruguayan coach Sergio Markarian, who led the country to a third place finish at the 2011 Copa America, has produced renewed optimism that has seen 83% of those questioned in a recent poll indicate that they believe Peru will qualify for Brazil 2014.

The poll, commissioned by daily newspaper El Comercio and conducted by Ispos Apoyo, also showed that 96% of those polled approved of Markarian’s work, a huge increase on his initial approval rating of 61% when he took the job in July 2010.

Such is the increasingly high esteem in which the national team is held that a number of musicians are dedicating songs to them, the latest of which comes courtesy of rock group Aliento Blanquirrojo, entitled “Esta hinchada no te deja de alentar”:


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