Your Search Queries Answered: How Much Does Jefferson Farfan Earn Each Game?

Jefferson Farfan Wonders How Much He Is Worth

This attempted series of articles never really got going despite a promising opening piece on ‘How Did Jhasmani Campos Get Hurt?’. Many of the search queries that followed were either already covered by the content on the site or were so incomprehensible that it was hard to fathom exactly how to answer.

This ones a bit easier, though, and so read on for our answer to ‘How Much Does Jefferson Farfan Earn Each Game?’

Finding accurate information on footballer’s salaries can be difficult. I suppose I could go trawling through the accounts of Farfan’s current employers Schalke 04, Swiss Ramble style, but frankly that’s a little more effort then I’m willing to go to for this little aside – as the crudely put together image at the top of this article will attest. Instead, I myself have wielded the powers of Google, and come across this information on a Bayern Munich message board – a club who are being linked with a move for the soon out of contract Peruvian winger:

“Farfan on the other hand declined a 5,2m € offer of Schalke 04 and will cost at least 6m € per year, possibly up to 7m €”

We can therefore surmise that Farfan is currently on less than €5.2miilion at Schalke, as one can’t imagine them offering a wage lower that what he is currently on if they are keen to ward off potential suitors – especially those from abroad that will be able to discuss personal terms with him in January if he is still yet to sign a new contract at that juncture.

For the sake of argument, lets assume that he is currently on €4.8million a year. This would earn Farfan €92,307.69 a week, which is the metric most commonly used when discussing how much a footballer earns. But that is not the metric our intrepid searcher is interested in, he wants to know how much Farfan makes per game. So in a relatively unscientific manner, lets break that down for him.

If we take the 2010/11 season as a guide, Farfan made 44 appearances in all competitions for Schalke. Pre-season build up for the campaign included, this encompasses 12 months. So by dividing his annual salary by the number of matches he played, we find… wait for it…. that Farfan earned €109,090.91 per match in 2010/11.

If you’re curious as to whether or not Farfan offered value for money, check out our recent piece on why he could be a good fit for Tottenham Hotspur should they look to replace Aaron Lennon.


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