Altitude of 2012 Copa Libertadores Clubs

With the qualifying round for the 2012 Copa Libertadores due to kick off next week, above is a breakdown of the elevation at which each of the clubs play.

Perhaps unsurprisingly it is the three Bolivian clubs that dominate the top end of the scale, with Real Potosi’s Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte winning out at an incredible 3,960m above sea level that is sure to make life hard for Brazil’s Flamengo when the two sides meet in the qualifying round.

Clubs will also not be relishing trips to Huancayo (Sport Huancayo), Quito (Deportivo Quito & El Nacional) and Mexico City (Cruz Azul).

The majority of teams from Argentina and Brazil fill up the lower end of the scale, where you will also find Juan Aurich of Peru (27m), who are a full 3,232 metres lower down than Sport Huancayo (3,259m), the biggest elevation difference between two clubs from the same country competing in the 2012 Copa Liberadores.


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