Chewing The Coca is a site dedicated to football in the Andean nations, those being Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, although some focus will also be given to Venezuela. There are a lot of English websites dedicated to the more famous South American leagues, so this website is for anyone who wants to become better acquainted with the other half of South America, the half you rarely hear about in the English language press.

If you want to keep up with the latest posts on the site, please register for the RSS feed, or follow me on Twitter @chewingthecoca

Outside of Chewing The Coca, I also write for a number of publications, on and off-line, about football in South America. Articles related to the Andean Nations will be posted here, but please follow my Twitter account if you wish to be made aware of the others.

I hope you enjoy Chewing The Coca, but if you do have any queries or concerns – or offers of work of course! – please feel free to e-mail me at nickdorrington at, contact me via Twitter or leave your comments below.

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