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Estadio Garcilaso

The South American qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup are done and dusted and the inquiries into what went wrong for the four countries who failed to qualify can now begin.

Of the four, Peru have perhaps the blankest canvas to work with. Sergio Markarian is set to leave his post as national team coach and a number of players are reaching an age at which international retirement is likely. Read More


Jefferson Farfan Wonders How Much He Is Worth

This attempted series of articles never really got going despite a promising opening piece on ‘How Did Jhasmani Campos Get Hurt?’. Many of the search queries that followed were either already covered by the content on the site or were so incomprehensible that it was hard to fathom exactly how to answer.

This ones a bit easier, though, and so read on for our answer to ‘How Much Does Jefferson Farfan Earn Each Game?’

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Jefferson-Farfan-Schalke 04

When one surveys Tottenham Hotspur’s current squad it is hard to identify many weaknesses, excepting of course the lack of a top quality centre-back to replace the brilliant, but injury-laden Ledley King and of a credible deputy for Emmanuel Adebayor. But one area of the team that does seem rife for improvement is the right of midfield, the position currently occupied by Aaron Lennon.

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