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Enterreno Chile – Estadio Sausalito in the 1940s

I recently came across Enterreno Chile, an ever-expanding, user-submitted archive of photographs of Chile. There are entries for all tastes, including a solid collection of football-related images.

The photograph below is of the Estadio Sausalito, perched on the edge of the Laguna Sausalito in Viña del Mar. It was taken in the 1940s. Since then, the stadium has twice been rebuilt following earthquake damage: first, in the build up to the 1962 World Cup following the Valdivia earthquake of 1960; secondly, following the 2010 earthquake that took more than 500 lives.


At the 1962 World Cup, the stadium played host to eight matches, including the quarter-final between Brazil and England.

The current football archive at Enterreno Chile also includes images of matches from the 1962 World Cup, the 1945 and 1951 Clásicos between Universidad de Chile and Universidad Católica, and of the Estadio Nacional in Santiago during various eras. Check it out here: https://www.enterreno.com/moments/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=futbol